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question_answer What is the meaning of eProcurement?

An online platform for business to business procurement of goods and services.

question_answer Can I register my company as a buyer and a seller?

Yes, typically a company would be registered as both a buyer and a seller.

question_answer Where is the "Home" button?

Click on the eProcurement logo to go to the home page.

question_answer Is there a cost to my company to buy through e-Procurement?

No. There is no cost to the buyers’ company, the only cost is to the suppliers’ company.

question_answer Is learning the process not too complicated and will it not take too long?

No, the steps are easy to follow and laid out in HOW IT WORKS. Please contact us if you have any difficulties.

question_answer Does buying through eProcurement not open up the organization to privacy concerns?

No. The sellers can't see the identity of the buyer unless the buyer places an order with the seller. For sellers - they would want to be known in the market place so this is a form of market awareness and advertising.

question_answer If I sell my goods through eProcurement, what will it cost me?

There are no fixed fees. Sellers are charged 3% of the value of sales that they generate through the platform as evidenced by purchase orders.

question_answer On completing RFQ, what does UNIT mean?

Unit would be the measure of the item to be quoted on such boxes, kg, metres.

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