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question_answer What is eProcurement?

An online platform for business to business procurement of goods and services.

question_answer Can I register my company as a buyer and a seller?

Yes, typically a company would be registered as both a buyer and a seller.

question_answer Where is the "Home" button?

Click on the eProcurement logo to go to the home page.

question_answer Is there a cost to my company to buy through e-Procurement?

No. There is no cost to the buyers’ company, the only cost is to the suppliers’ company.

question_answer Is the learning process simple and relatively quick?

Yes, the steps are easy to follow and are outlined in HOW IT WORKS. Please contact us if you have any difficulties.

question_answer Does using eProcurement raise privacy concerns for the organization?

No. Suppliers can’t see the buyer’s identity unless the buyer places an order with them. Suppliers may choose to reveal their identity in the marketplace to increase their visibility and promote their products or services.

question_answer What does it cost to sell my goods or services through eProcurement?

There are no fixed fees. Sellers are charged 3% of the value of sales that they generate through the platform as evidenced by purchase orders.

question_answer On completing RFQ, what does UNIT mean?

Unit would be the measure of the item to be quoted on such boxes, kg, metres.

question_answer What benefits do I get from using your procurement platform?

Our platform streamlines procurement processes, helps you find the right suppliers, offers competitive pricing, and provides tools for efficient procurement management.

question_answer Can I archive and access historical procurement data easily?

Yes, you can archive and access your historical procurement data for reporting and analysis purposes, helping with future procurement decisions.

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